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Posted by Ron Batchelor on 01/21/2018

Superbowl Fly-in

KPHL to KMSP day before the Superbowl. This will be an all day event. Sign up for the Event here.

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Division Pilot Aircraft Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
SCC0121Ron BatchelorKJAXKATWA32002.35-318 ft/mPending
TVE6257Dean LawrenceOMDBEGLLANY07.35-507 ft/mAccepted
TVA7947Dean LawrenceEGLLOMDBB74405.49-294 ft/mAccepted
SCC0120Ron BatchelorKOAJKMIAA32001.36-310 ft/mAccepted
SCC0119Ron BatchelorKORDKOAJE14501.43-178 ft/mAccepted
TVA3911Dan CiavardiniKEWRKATLA33001.41-500 ft/mAccepted
SCC0118Ron BatchelorKATWKBMGA32001.02-148 ft/mAccepted
TVA1029Dan CiavardiniKORDKEWRB71701.34-132 ft/mAccepted
TVA3039Dan CiavardiniKSDFKATLB7621.10 ft/mAccepted
TVA7397Dean LawrenceCYYZEGLLB74406.22-238 ft/mAccepted

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Ron BatchelorUnited States


Pilots: 17
Total Airline Hours: 361
Flights: 125
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 135,794
Aircraft: 215
Passengers: 83,500
Routes: 10579

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TVC0710 Pete Desjardins
TVA0709 Chris Holloman
TVA0708 John Dowe
TVA0707 Robert Wallace
TVA0705 Tim Hobin